Are you an estate agent?

No, we are not an online estate agent.  We are a matchmaking service bringing together sellers and buyers for private sales.  We take no commission on the sale of your property

I have a property to sell, will everyone be able to see my details?

No, there are no properties to view on our site. If you provide us with your property details, we will match you with appropriate buyers for you to make contact

I’m already registered with an agent, am I still allowed to use the site?

Yes, you are still allowed to sell your property privately. As long as the buyer hasn’t been introduced to you by the agent, you won’t be liable to pay agency fees

How do I know the value of my property?

Most people know how much their property is worth, but be sure to be realistic on your asking price to maximise your chances of finding a good number of matches.  If you’re unsure, there are plenty of valuation websites that can guide you 

How do I know if you have any buyers for me?

We will work through our database and will email you within 24 hours with details of any suitable buyers.  You will then have access to their email address should you wish to contact them directly

What happens if you have no buyers for me?

Our website has just been launched so we are currently populating our database – bear with us! We will contact you as soon as a suitable buyer posts a profile

I have filled in a buyer profile, how do I amend my details?

Just go back into the website and we’ll remember your details.  Make any changes you wish and resubmit the profile

I am looking to buy, how will sellers contact me?

Only sellers with properties that match your requirements will be given your email address


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